Folder Lock

Folder Lock 7.2

Developer New Softwares, Inc.

It helps you protect your data by locking or encrypting various files.

Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel 4.9


Cain & Abel is a password cracker for windows operating systems.

Space Hack

Space Hack 1.0

Developer Meridian

Hack and blast your way through hordes of aliens to rescue survivors in this.

My Password Manager

My Password Manager 2.1

Developer LastBit Software

It stores your passwords securely using 256-bit (AES) algorithm.


Portable Password Hack


nPassword 1.0

Developer Nikola Dachev

Light, standalone, secure and portable password manager application.

Asterisk Master

Asterisk Master 1.0

Developer ITSamples

Free Internet Explorer utility to reveal passwords hidden under asterisks.

Password Reminder

Password Reminder 1.6

Developer NewPowerSoft

Powerful tool help you reco the lost password,ie, IE and Administrator password.

FTP Password

FTP Password 1.5

Developer LastBit Software

FTP Password is an universal password recovery tool for FTP accounts.

Text Hack Professional Beta

Text Hack Professional Beta 1.1

Developer Nick Sweeting

Text hack is the tool to edit the EXE,DLL,INI and other File Formats.

Hack Emails Password

Hack Emails Password 1.0

Developer HTTS

RAR Password Recovery Magic

RAR Password Recovery Magic 6.1

Developer Password Recovery Magic Studio Ltd.

RAR Password Recovery Magic is a simple RAR password recovery application.

KeyGuard ! Hack Proof Security

KeyGuard ! Hack Proof Security 2.0

Developer RazazWork™

KeyGuard ! Hack Proof Security is the ultimate security solution.


Keydb 1.4

Developer Softsoup

A simple, secure and portable password manager using encrypted password files.

Drag-Drop Form

Drag-Drop Form 1.0

Developer freefolderhider

Drag-Drop Form is a Portable, Password Manager and Form-Auto-Fill tool.


Portable Password Hack

Portable Password Tracker

Portable Password Tracker 1.0

Developer Saltriver InfoSystem Pvt. Ltd.

Password No-Hack

Password No-Hack 1.0

Developer Padam Technologies

Yahoo!Password Hack

Yahoo!Password Hack 1.0


AuditionSEA 6094 Perfect Hack

AuditionSEA 6094 Perfect Hack 1.0

Developer tjj34 Hack Factory

AuditionSEA 6094 Perfect Hack is developed by tjj34 Hack Factory.

Hack Search V1 Toolbar

Hack Search V1 Toolbar 6.5

Developer Hack Search V1

Hack Search V1 Community Toolbar - stay connected and get so much more.

Msn Password Hack By [KiLLeR]

Msn Password Hack By [KiLLeR] 1.0

Developer Msn Password Hack By [KiLLeR]

Msn Password Hack

Msn Password Hack 1.3

Developer GuerreroWork

Oracle Password Auditor

Oracle Password Auditor 2.0

Developer SecurityXploded

Oracle Password Recovery and Auditing Software.

Hack & Slash Shaiya Client

Hack & Slash Shaiya Client 2.0

Developer The Guru Custom PCs

Hack & Slash Shaiya Client a private modded server of the popular game Shaiya.

GMX Password Hacker

GMX Password Hacker 1.5

Developer GMX Password Hacker Team

GMX Password Hacker is a free GMX password hacking tool.

Facebook Password Hack

Facebook Password Hack 3.2

Developer Software

Download Software Informer Client